Hi there, you can call me Mulligan.

That’s not my name, of course, but trust me, it fits. I seem to have a habit of dashing off at full speed on whatever version of my life I’m pursuing at the moment, with big plans, big dreams, and the confidence to make it all happen… and then it doesn’t. There are many many reasons that my big plans haven’t really come to fruition just yet, and I’m not discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t consider my life to be a failure. I’ve had lots of successes, they just haven’t worked out long-term. So far I’ve found a career I loved, then had to quit, a man I loved who changed his mind, independence and friends and freedom that I ultimately had to leave behind. This is not a sob story, it’s just me, trying to get it right. I haven’t gotten it all figured out just yet, but I’m not afraid to try again.

I find myself back at the beginning again, and since I don’t know where the end is, I guess it’s just as well. Finding my place in the world is just taking a little more circuitous route than I thought it would. But it turns out that what they say is true: “the journey IS the destination.” After all, what’s life for if not for living?

So where is the beginning, you ask? At present, I’m living with my parents. I work in retail, and get paid just over minimum wage, so I’m broke and I don’t get out much. I’m going to turn 32 in a couple of months, and I haven’t had a date in well over a year. But that’s all going to change, and soon. How? I have no idea. But trust me, this is just the beginning!